Terms & Conditions

Administration of your accounts

In the course of working with you it may be necessary that you designate one of Katapult Art Management’s team members an admin to one or more of your social media accounts, website or other accounts (i.e. Facebook).

Please make sure that you never delete your own credentials. You need to be able to have administrator access to all your own social media accounts, website and other accounts at all times during and after our collaboration.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your Virtual Assistant package up to one week before your monthly payment is due. You may cancel your booking of any of our other services up to one week before they are scheduled to commence. Refunds are subject to a $50 admin fee.

Image Protection

You have the option of delivering watermarked images to Katapult Art Management for the purposes of promoting your art. If you choose not to watermark your images, Katapult Art Management requests to receive low resolution images in order to prevent theft of your images and/ or breaches of copyright.

You agree to release Katapult Art Management from any liability related to and/ or as a result of the use of your images for the promotion of your artwork on your and third party website(s), on your and third party social media accounts (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo) and your and third party marketing materials, before, during and after our collaboration.

Content and Posting

We post to our clients’ social media channels on Mondays or Tuesdays every week. If you need us to post a specific event or other specific information it is your responsibility to make sure that we have the required copy and images you need us to post prior to Mondays every week.

We recommend that you are active on social media and invite your friends, colleagues and collectors to like or follow you periodically. The more engaged you are, the more we can achieve with our posts.

Website Maintenance

Updates to your website (i.e. new exhibitions, new works) will be made where possible within 48 hours of you notifying us. Any structural changes to your website will be charged at our rate of $75 per 30 minutes.


We reserve the right to display the work we did for you on our social media channels, website and other (online) marketing platforms and materials at our discretion.

Nature of our Agreement

Before we start working together we may ask you to sign an agreement which we recommend you have reviewed by your attorney. You should not engage us before you understand and are comfortable with our pricing model.

We cannot guarantee that you will get gallery representation or achieve sales as a result of our services. Unlike art galleries, Katapult Art Management does not represent artists.

Please note that we are not lawyers and as such we cannot give you legal advice, nor should any advice we give you be taken as legal advice.


All fees are payable upfront. We reserve the right to halt work until we have received outstanding fees from you. You are responsible for paying third party fees (i.e. website and email marketing subscriptions, domain name registration, inventory software, etc).

Payment of Virtual Assistant Packages

If you have subscribed to one of our Virtual Assistant packages, we will deduct your monthly fee at a set date (starting with the date you first subscribed to the package and every month thereafter on that date).

Third Party Service Providers

In the course of our work for you we will use third party service providers including but not limited to squarespace.com for websites and mailchimp.com for email marketing. Under no circumstances does Katapult Art Management take responsibility for the service provided, or lack thereof, by Third Party Service providers.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and we will never sell your information to third parties. By signing up to our mailing lists, online courses or by downloading our eBook(s) you are providing us with personal information. You consent to Katapult Art Management storing this information. If at any time you no longer wish to receive our updates you can easily unsubscribe through the link in our newsletters or by sending us an email at team@katapult-art.com.


In the course of the work we do for you, we may need you to provide us with the log-in information (usernames, passwords, etc) to your social media accounts, the back-end of your website and domain host, your email account(s) and other accounts.

It is your responsibility to make sure that this log-in information is secure. We recommend that your social media passwords are different from, for example, the passwords you use to do your online banking.

We recommend that you send us new, strong passwords every 1-3 months. After we cease to work with you, please make sure to change the passwords to all the social media and other accounts that we had access to in the course of our working relationship with you.

Katapult Art Management does not take any responsibility for security breaches or hacking of your social media accounts, website, email accounts or any other accounts that we have or had access to.

Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to amend our Terms & Conditions at any time without notice.