sculptor robert hooke in his studio, SAG HARBOR, NEW YORK

sculptor robert hooke in his studio, SAG HARBOR, NEW YORK


Evgenia Emets, Artist, Portugal

I am grateful to Annelien to have given me an opportunity to get a brief session with her. She produces an impression of highly experienced, professional. Great listener. I would love to come back for one-to-one sessions in the future!

Katie Murken, Artist, Pittsburgh, PA

After several years of wondering why I didn't have gallery representation and why my shows weren't leading to sales, I came to Annelien looking for guidance. During our first two consults she provided insights and suggestions tailored to my unique situation. Finally, I don't feel like the art world is a mystery to be solved! I'm learning new skills and I have more confidence in my ability to reach my goals. I will definitely continue to consult Annelien whenever I have questions about my career choices.

Joyce Chen, Artist, Sydney, Australia

I live in Sydney, Australia and we just found Katapult online and just had a Skype consultation with Anna recently. We find Anna lovely, proactive, efficient and very switched on. I have also started to read her Ebook and would love to keep working with her in the future.

Renee Brown, Artist, New York

I highly recommend Annelien Bruins of Katapult Art Management. Her breadth, depth and insight of the current art market is proving to be most resourceful to me. At our initial consult, Anne provided me with the direction and resources I needed in making a sound decision regarding a collaboration that could have caused my art practice to be exploited. Her written response to our first consult was professional and is proving a realistic guide to re-emerging in the art world, and of negotiating contracts, consignments and commissions of my work. I plan to continue to work with Anna and her team as I further develop my brand and move into social media.

Henry Richardson, Lee, MA

Katapult Art Management has managed my social media, email campaigns and web site for six months and I am very pleased with their services. This has allowed me to to focus on the creation and sale of sculptures and my networking in the US and Europe. I recommend Katapult to artists who would like to enhance their online presence and present their work and image in a professional manner.

Robert Hooke, Sculptor, Hamptons, NY

Through contact with their website I became aware of Annelien Bruins, her company Katapult, and the consultancy services it offered to artists. Although I have a long exhibition history at galleries in Europe, the US and elsewhere, my knowledge of social media use in the art world was below zero. I arranged an introductory consultation with Annelien and she quickly mapped out a plan to bring me into the "real world". She set up a new website for me and interfaced it with social media tools like Facebook and Instagram. She also explained the advantages of regular use of these tools to keep existing and future clients aware of my new work, planned shows, reviews etc. I think that Annelien's program combined with my regular exhibition schedule will provide a more structured approach to creating additional recognition and appreciation of my work.

M.M., Artist, New York, NY

I was recommended to speak to Annelien Bruins of Katapult through a mutual acquaintance. I booked an introductory consult with Annelien to get some clarification on career questions I had. For example, is it realistic to get gallery representation in the near future, how to negotiate pricing and contracts with galleries, to get a perspective on my practice and my work, and what to make of, and how to network. Annelien was able to satisfactorily address all my concerns and I would gladly recommend her to artists who have any concerns about their practice or their career.

Judith Modrak, Artist, New York, NY

I am very happy with the advice that I received from Katapult on my branding, online marketing and social media. Annelien helped me to tailor  my digital brand, leading to concise and relevant marketing messages to my collectors and galleries. Annie provided useful information on utilizing different social media platforms and promotion my artwork effectively on them. I highly recommend their services to any artist who needs guidance and practical advice on the business aspects of managing their online career.

Alice Garik, Artist, New York, NY

I give complements to Annelien on her thoroughness in my introductory consultation. She listened to my concerns, reviewed my work and wrote a summary of our discussion. I am working with her clarity about my strengths and her thoughts on how I should proceed.

Elizabeth Allison, Artist, New York, NY

I realized that I needed start using social media or run the risk of falling behind professionally. After attending Annelien’s talk at chashama, I decided to get Katapult’s help with that, and with marketing my work.  As a result I’m now active on social media, and my skill set is growing.  Annelien’s advice and demeanor are invaluable- she helped me assess how to further develop my career and create a plan of action. I highly recommend her services.

Mitsuhiro Murata, Founder and CEO, Gallery Trinity, Tokyo, Japan

Gallery Trinity is a Tokyo-based contemporary art gallery. We show paintings by emerging Japanese artists working in a variety of media. We are located in the district of Roppongi which is recognized as Japan’s major source of contemporary artistic development. The National Art Center Tokyo, the Suntory Museum of Art and the Mori Art Museum are based in Roppongi, as well as a large number of contemporary art galleries. In order to communicate with our international client base we maintain a bilingual website; Japanese and English. In January 2012 I engaged Annelien Bruins to edit the English descriptions on my website. Her language clearly conveys what Gallery Trinity and our artists are about which helps us to engage with our English-speaking audiences. I happily endorse Annelien’s art writing skills.

Patrick Craig, Artist, New York, New York

Annelien Bruins has been a tremendous resource for me. As an emerging artist, I engaged Annelien to build my website, and to provide consulting services to me. She was very attentive and highly responsive to my needs. She has a vast knowledge of the art world, and an intriguing way of sharing it so it was relevant to my work and the evolution of it. I am very happy with my website, and I would strongly recommend Katapult to any artist who is carving their path through the art world.

Celia Johnson, Artist, Chapel Hill, NC

I am delighted to see the new offering from Katapult of 30 Minute Intro Consults. My own experience in an introductory consult with Annelien was outstanding. This meeting allowed me to focus on immediate questions and concerns while creating a longterm timeline for larger goals. I highly recommend this service if you are adding up questions about your practice and the ongoing management of your career.

Aleya Lehmann, Artist, New York, NY

Annelien Bruins of Katapult Art Management is one of the most expert, thoughtful and caring consultants I have ever worked with. I have begun with an introductory consultation and plan to continue. Her intuitive assessment of my branding and marketing needs was absolutely right on. And her generosity and intelligence is unique in the field. Highly recommended!

Donald Martiny, Artist, Chapel Hill, NC

Katapult offers valuable support to my art practice by helping with my website and social media. This allows me to spend more focused time in the studio. I have been a client for only a short time but have found them to be attentive, efficient, proactive and creative. I highly recommend them.

Max Vityk, Artist, Cairo, Egypt

I have been collaborating with Annelien for about three years.  Our collaboration has started with rebranding work and promotions.  These efforts produced outstanding results, including increased sales.  Annelien has introduced me to New York art scene and curated my first solo show in New York which was a success. The latest joint project included her help with preparation of my art album dedicated to my most recent series "The Warriors of Light".  Annelien has wrote an essay for the album -  an impressive article providing a high level overview of my art with a focus on my latest series. I would definitely recommend Annelien and her team.

David Febland, Artist, New York, NY

I hired Annelien for an introductory consultation. She provided me with strategic and operational advice on certain career decisions as well as with online marketing. After the introductory meeting, I hired her to help me improve my online presence, including my website, blog and social media. She also gave me a tutorial on how to maintain my website and social media myself, which was very helpful. I gladly recommend Annelien to artists who require strategic and practical advice on online marketing, social media and building websites.

Stephen Auger, Artist, Santa Fe, NM

Annelien Bruins provided insightful professional advice and a spectacular understanding of the art market to my rebranding initiative. The net result elevated the presentation of my work to a world class level.

Marie Walsh, Artist, Quebec, Canada

I hired Annelien Bruins of Katapult for an introductory consult by telephone. She advised me on how to focus the artistic direction that I am going in, how to price and curate my work and she helped me to start determining my identity, or brand, as an artist. She advised me on my website, social media and Linked In profile. I am extremely satisfied with her services. I was completely lost and she helped me to find my way. She took the time to listen to my concerns and asked me good questions and guided me in a deeper understanding of my practice. She helped me to see things in a different perspective. This will save me time at the end, and I felt a lot more confident. I would gladly recommend Annelien to artists who need strategic and practical advice on their art careers.

Lydia Mak, General Manager, chashama, New York, NY

Over the past two years, Annelien Bruins has lectured twice for our artists. During these talks, Annelien provided chashama's emerging and mid-career artists with very practical advise on the business aspects of an artist's career, covering topics such as marketing, branding, pricing and selling artwork, and how to develop gallery representation. She is clear, candid and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Annelien and her company, Katapult Art, are an invaluable asset to artists at any stage of their career, and I would recommend her expertise to any artist who needs hand-on, strategic services to further their professional goals.

Steve Wasterval, Visual Artist and Creative Director at Worstofall Design, Brooklyn, NY

Working with Katapult is an experience every artist can benefit from. Working with Annelien Bruins, and having access to her experience and knowledge of the art world, helped me to develop my brand and identity as a visual artist. The branding and marketing projects she did for us included cataloguing my previous accomplishments and incorporating them into our marketing plan as well as curating my work for online exhibitions, advising me on the content and design of my website, helping me with my social media and giving advice on the pricing and promotion of my work. I would gladly recommend Katapult to artists who are interested in advice on marketing and promoting their artwork and developing their own brand.

Daniel Anderson, Artist, New York, New York

I have worked with Annelien Bruins on developing my own unique brand as an artist. She has helped me to set up a marketing strategy, organize my inventory and advised me on pricing my art. I would happily recommend Katapult’s services to artists who require hands-on branding, marketing and business advice.

Laurent Baillet, Photographer, Paris, France

Katapult has helped me with the promotion of my work, thus increasing my online presence and facilitating the inclusion of my photographs in exhibitions in brick and mortar galleries as well as in online art galleries.