Katapult Art Management helps artists to create a strong, unique online presence to facilitate finding gallery representation and selling your art.


Are you on Facebook but only have 2 followers? No idea how to post effectively, let alone promote and sell your art online?

First, we will select the social media platforms most suitable for you (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). We will then set up these accounts (or optimize existing accounts) with your credentials. We will set up an email marketing account with Mailchimp for you, including a system to record and save email addresses from your collectors and galleries.

We will design 2 email templates for you and we will schedule 10 social media posts on your new social media platforms. We'll also give you a bunch of ideas on what to write for your blog and how to promote your work and career on your social media platforms. We'll teach you how to manage and plan your content strategy - so you can see first hand the cool stuff you can do online to promote and sell your art!


Read what Katapult client Elizabeth Allison had to say:

I realized that I needed start using social media or run the risk of falling behind professionally. After attending Annelien’s talk at chashama, I decided to get Katapult’s help with that, and with marketing my work.  As a result I’m now active on social media and my skill set is growing.  Annelien’s advice and demeanor are invaluable- she helped me assess how to further develop my career and create a plan of action. I highly recommend her services. Elizabeth Allison, Artist, New York, NY.

Donald Martiny