harriet febland at work, NEW YORK, NEW YORK

harriet febland at work, NEW YORK, NEW YORK


Our clients

The way in which art is purchased and sold is changing. Our artist clients maintain control of their inventory, the promotion process and the management of their sales channels. They place works with a loyal collector base, obtain corporate commissions, sell their works online and organize exhibitions and representation with multiple galleries.

Our artist clients handle their own sales and pricing. They update their own mailing lists, social media platforms and website. They negotiate contracts with collectors, galleries and museums. They handle insurance, inventory and image management. Managing these activities, however, leaves little time to create and sell art, which is what pays for the bills.

Our clients are successful artists who sell art on their own and as a result no longer have time for running the business aspects of their practice. This is why they prefer to outsource certain responsibilities to Katapult: the management of their studio and inventory, curating and pricing of their work and (online) marketing.

What we do

In an increasingly crowded space where competition for a gallery’s attention and the collector’s wallet is fierce, having a strong identity, an effective (online) marketing and pricing strategy and an efficiently-run studio operation is vital to an artist’s long-term success.

Katapult's small, dedicated team helps artists, artist foundations and estates to manage business, marketing and logistical challenges so that you can focus on the creation and sale of art.


Katapult Art Management was set up in 2012 by Annelien Bruins, CEO and senior art advisor at Tang Art Advisory. Annelien Bruins has worked within the international art world for almost 20 years. After managing two extensive private collections of art, antiques, and collectibles, she set up London-based Bruins Private Collections Consultancy in 2007, providing portfolio management to both private and corporate clients from Europe, the United States, and Asia. Five years later, Annelien hopped the Atlantic and joined Tang Art Advisory where she currently serves as CEO and senior art advisor.

Annelien is a member of the Estate Planning Council of New York City and a board member of the Foundation of the American Institute of Conservation. Recognizing her acute understanding of the art market and its many nuances, Spears Wealth Management named Annelien Best Art Advisor in 2014 and 2015. She has been interviewed by CNBC, Thomson Reuters, Barrons Asia, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Art + Auction, Investment Week and Private Asset Management.

Annelien has lectured at Christie’s Education, Sotheby’s Institute of Art and California College of the Arts, has written for Family Office Exchange, Spears Wealth Management, and Private Wealth Focus. Annelien has written three Ebooks which are available on amazon.com: ‘Managing relationships in the art market’, ’Art, the New Asset Class’ and ‘How to become a successful artist in 7 steps’.

Annelien holds a BA in Marketing and Communication from Ichthus Hogeschool, Rotterdam, an MA in Arts and Heritage Management from London Metropolitan University. She holds a Foundation Certificate in Art Law and a Diploma in Art Profession Law and Ethics from the Institute of Art and Law in the UK and an MSc in Leadership and Strategy (Sloan Fellowship) from the London Business School.