Katapult Q&A: Just Moved To A New City


Q: Just moved to another city, my concern is how to reach people where I don't know anybody and how to show my work. Ana Milena Tamara, Artist

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A: Moving to a new city or a new country is a big step. You are starting a new life, and in a way you are beginning all over again. It will take some time before you have formed new friendships and new business associations. Try to meet artists, gallery owners and others who work in the local art community to find out the lay of the land. Artists, for example, can tell you how they have succeeded in showing or selling their art.

Perhaps there is a local artist organization who helps their members in promoting their art. Most people are very helpful when you ask them for friendly advice over a coffee. Once you are more settled in, and the local community has gotten to know you, it will be easier to find opportunities to show your art.

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