The One Thing Artists Need To Do Before Spending Money On Marketing


The art you create is an extension of yourself: your personality, your training and your experiences. But how do you effectively communicate your artistic identity to collectors and galleries?

The first step is to determine what your personal identity, or your artistic brand, really is. What is your work about? What themes are important to you as a visual artist? How important is technique for your creative process?

We all tend to form ideas about who we are over time and it is difficult to question those assumptions on your own. So ask a friend to sit down with you for an hour or so. Ideally, he or she is a fellow artist, a gallery owner or someone else who knows you well and who you are comfortable with talking about your work.

Let them ask you a bunch of questions. Don’t try to control the process, it’s all about discovering things about your work that you’d never realized existed. You’ll be surprised to see what will flow out of you once you get going and once you let go of what I refer to as the art speak trap: keep it simple. Ask your friend to jot down any noteworthy observations he or she makes. This will come in handy when you write your artist statement.

Now that you have figured out your creative identity it is going to be so much easier to communicate it to others. Your public image is not just based on your work, it is also based on your ability to market yourself effectively. If your personal identity does not stand out, or is not authentic, it will become more difficult to articulate to collectors why they should buy your work. Read this blog post on how to write a great artist statement.

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