Curating Your Online Presence - Your Website

Howdy artists! By now you know that we love writing about digital marketing and selling art online. We’re thrilled with your positive responses to our posts. Thank you! Today we’d like to touch upon the importance of curating your website. We discuss this topic in our FREE 3 day online marketing course for artists (sign up here) but we wanted to give you a couple of tips on the content and design of your site to get started.


The purpose of your website is first and foremost to showcase your art and to give collectors and galleries easy access to your ‘art vitals’. It’s like your online business card: your resume, your artist statement, your exhibition history and the other amazing accomplishments you have achieved (We mean art-related accomplishments. Collectors don’t necessarily need to read about your high school swimming trophy). Don’t forget your contact details: make it easy for collectors and galleries to get in touch with you.

As you are updating and adding to your site over time it may get a little clogged. Too many artworks on display, a confusing lay-out or a counter-intuitive navigation menu are all really annoying for visitors and may cause them to click away. Illegible fonts and strange background colors do nothing other than deter from your art. Our advice? Keep it simple. Review your site and check if there is room for improvement.