Katapult Q&A: How To Present My Current Situation To A Gallery


Q: When I'm going to be introduced to a gallery I want to work with, how should I present my current situation? Patricia Iranzo, Artist

A: That depends on your situation and I don’t know what that is. That said, I would always try to approach a conversation with a gallery from a position of strength. Have your website in order, your social media channels up to date, and your artist’s statement, resume and body of work ready to be shown. This way it will be easy for the gallery to assess your career achievements and your body of work to date.

At the same time, as excited as you no doubt will be about the opportunity, try not to appear desperate or pushy. This usually has the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve. Lastly, if and when a gallery does offer you an agreement, make sure it is in writing so that you can take some time to review it. Take a breather before you say yes: it is normal to take a couple of days or even longer to consider the pro’s and cons of any business agreement and if and how it will best fit in with your career goals.