Katapult Q&A: Scheduling Time For Your Art

Q: Self-discipline to keep track of the time I spend on my work, and daily work on my art enough to build a collection. To have a daytime schedule that is sane and friendly at the same time. Andrew Zeegers, Artist

A: How much time you are able to devote to your art really depends on the amount of energy you have to devote to your job. After all, that’s what pays the bills. Usually, I find that having a routine helps me to incorporate activities into my weekly schedule that I would otherwise ignore due to the million other things I have to take care of. Schedule some studio time in your calendar to create art, for example 2-3 hours for one or a couple of nights a week. Make sure not to be overly ambitious in how much you can realistically fit in: putting too much pressure on yourself will lead to frustration and is unlikely to stimulate you to create better art.