Katapult Q&A: How To Use My Achievements To Further My Art Career?


Q: I’ve recently had my work curated into several group shows and was awarded a purchase award by a prestigious arts association. Other than continuing to make my work in the studio, how can I most efficiently and effectively use these recent successes to further build my career momentum specifically to have a solo show with a gallery that I admire, and to increase my collector base so that my sales are more steady and predictable? Caetlynn Booth, Artist

A: That is a great question. There is a long answer but the short one is two-fold: document and communicate your achievements. In order to build upon your existing successes, you’ll need to communicate those milestones to (potential) galleries and collectors with the aim of letting them snowball into something bigger (your solo show). Firstly, always document all of your achievements, however large or small. You never know when you need to do a presentation where a particular achievement will come in handy. Always PDF online articles about your art or shows you have participated in, just in case they are removed from the web by the publication. Keep records of who bought your art and ask your collectors to send photographs of your work in their homes. These are the ingredients for your communication strategy: sending out newsletters to your followers, posting to social media, keeping your blog up to date, etc. An additional benefit of keeping track of your achievements is that they will be engrained in your brain so that whenever you are in a conversation with a potential collector or gallerist, they will easily come to the top of your mind during your elevator pitch.