Four Tips To Effectively Managing Your Social Media For Visual Artists

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Being active on social media can be advantageous if done well: in addition to your website, it is a great way to curate your online presence. That said, it is not always clear how to do this in the most effective way. We compiled four tips so that you can make the best out of your social media presence. Happy posting!

1 Post consistently

You don’t have to post every day, it is more important that you post consistently so that your followers know when they will hear from you. If that is once a week, at a particular day and time, that is totally fine. Try not to miss a week: if you calendarize your social media posting you’ll be less likely to skip them.

2 Hashtag smartly

Hash-tagging is a great way to organize your Instagram posts so that collectors and galleries can find you more easily. You’ll use hashtags specific to you, i.e. #katapultartmanagement but also more general hashtags, like #art and #artist. Put the more general hashtags in a comment instead of the caption so that your post can focus on what you have to say. It will look less messy (thanks for the tip, Artsy!).

3 Post or leave

The purpose of social media is to appear current and to engage with your followers on an ongoing basis. Therefore, having a Facebook page or Instagram account and not post to it for months on end defeats the purpose of being on social media. It’s better to stick to one or two accounts that you have time to maintain instead of five that you can’t.

4 Keep your profiles consistent

We all know that staying on top of your social media can be very time-consuming. But make sure that you get the basics right: your profiles and bio’s should be consistent across your social media platforms. Make sure to include your email address and website in your bio’s - you want to make it easy for collectors and galleries to reach out to you.