The Importance Of A Strong Online Presence

According to a survey commissioned by Invaluable (March 2016) more than a third (35.7%) of US consumers making over $150,000 and 26% of those making $100,000 to $149,000 prefer to purchase art at an online marketplace or website. Buying and selling products and services online is efficient, fast and convenient and will only increase over the coming years. Even if you don’t want to sell online, there are two reasons why you should have a strong online presence.

Your website is often your first point of contact with a collector and you want to give a strong impression right off the bat. Consumers go online to search for reviews and information about the services or products they are considering buying. Your potential collector, who saw some of your work at an art fair, will be doing research on whether they should buy your art or not. Create a consistent, online buzz through your social media channels and make sure it all links back to your site. View your online presence as a great opportunity to present your art and yourself in the best possible way. This is an excerpt from 'How to become a successful artist in 7 steps' by Annelien Bruins.