Don't Let Your Identity Get Scattered!


We can all agree that sitting in your studio is not going to get you sales or exhibitions. There is no point in producing great art if nobody knows about it. In other words, your success does not just depend on the quality of the art you produce but also on how good you are at marketing it. You have to let the world know that you produce fantastic art and that, luckily for them, you are willing to part with it at a reasonable price!

Being a successful artist is as much a result of smart marketing as it is of great art. Now that’s easier said than done. I find that most artists have a really hard time marketing and promoting their art. In fact, they have a deep-seated resistance to this part of their business. Why? Because their art is deeply personal to them which makes selling it very difficult. This makes a lot of sense. However some artists feel that good art should sell itself. I don’t know where this is being taught but it is a misconception. You have to be pro-active about promoting and selling your art. There is no way around it.

Think of it this way. When a gallery is promoting your art, they are essentially doing the same thing. They determine which collectors to show your work to, how to curate your exhibitions, they’ll choose the pieces to take to an art fair on your behalf and help you set your prices. But if you don’t have a gallery, or if you have loose relationships with a number of different galleries (more and more common these days) you have to do a lot of this marketing yourself. Particularly when working with small to medium sized galleries, which simply may not have the resources to promote you, you need to make sure that your identity remains consistent and does not get fragmented across your different channels (i.e. your galleries, your site, your social media, etc). This excerpt was taken from How to become a Successful Artist in 7 Steps.