Sneak Peak: Read The Intro To Katapult's Guide To Becoming A Successful Artist


You know like nobody else what it means to be a professional artist. You want to create and maintain a market for your art. You want to be able to live off the proceeds of selling it. You are working towards the creation of an artistic legacy in the hope that it will grant you a place in the annals of art history. In order to make all of that great stuff happen you are probably working another job, art-related or not, and you are producing your art in whatever spare time you have.

Being an artist is a career choice. It is similar to setting up a business. Success rarely happens overnight. In fact, in order to achieve long-term success you need to have the tenacity to stay the course and the discipline to put in a lot of hard work even if it does not immediately pay off. It’s all about baby steps: small achievements that will eventually lead to big achievements. But in order to be successful you need to manage the business, marketing and sales aspects of your career, as well as producing great art. This sounds overwhelming, but it is entirely possible to achieve.

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