Social Media and The Artist

How Social Media has changed the Art Market

Artists today rely more and more on social media.  There is an ever-growing market for art. This means that your best tool for making yourself and your art known is the Internet, specifically social media. It is an efficient way for artists to reach a global audience while remaining independent. The art market has changed significantly since going online, and with that comes a change in the definition of art.  

We are always finding new ways of connecting people online.  For artists, this means discovering ways to market themselves and getting their brand recognized. The first way to do that is through posting content, regularly and frequently. By posting often, you can ensure that your followers stay up to date as well as increasing the probability of new patrons.  Also, keep your online portfolio updated as works are finished and be sure to keep it clearly organized. 

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Tumblr make this easier for you and your followers with clearly labeled tabs and albums. If you have a personal website for your work, the simpler the navigation, the better. If potential clients on your site have to search for your information, they may navigate away from your site.

And last but certainly not least, don’t compromise your work.  Show your passion in every piece of work and translate that to your online presence. If you show the determination and the effort that went into your work, your audience will respect that.  Remember that your website and online presence is you, and it should reflect that. If you feel that your online self and your artistic self are two separate entities, set up a consultation with us at Katapult to craft your online persona.