Artist Branding 101

Your art is an extension of yourself: your personality, your training and your experiences. But how do you ensure that you correctly communicate to potential collectors and galleries what you and your art are all about?

Your public image is not based on your art alone, it is also formed by your ability to market yourself. If your personal brand does not stand out, or is confusing, you may lose the opportunity to connect with potential patrons. First impressions are everything, particularly now that social media and technology have expanded small local art markets into a universal online setting.

The first step to determining your own personal brand is by defining yourself. What is your work about? What is important to you as an artist? How do you work? It is difficult to distill this information but it is really worth spending some time thinking about this, perhaps in a conversation with someone else. Once you have figured it out yourself, it will become so much easier to communicate your brand to others.

A lot of artist statements are overly wordy but they don’t actually say anything. Keep it simple. Your brand will shine through much better if you keep your language concise and short. If you need help with your branding, contact Katapult for a coaching session.