How To Optimize Your Website For Sellling Your Art


Did you know that your website is a major part of your marketing and that, when designed well, can be really helpful to sell art? Building websites, however, can be intimidating. What design to use, how minimal is too minimal? How do I simplify navigation without sacrificing style? It can be difficult to construct a webpage that accurately reflects your own personal brand but here are some pointers.

Make sure that you de-clutter your site and that it is easy for your patrons to navigate. Present your art in a way that visitors can understand. In other words: make sure that you contextualize your art and that all relevant information about the piece is present. Include concise informative statements about your artworks. Your brand and your artworks should be the focus of your site.

When you choose a domain name, make sure it is as close to your name as possible, so that it is easy to type in. Simplicity really is the key to a successful website. By using straightforward web designs and navigation systems, you can make it easy for collectors and galleries to find and contact you. And of course, check out our coaching sessions if you'd like to get some advice on building a great website.