Team Katapult is here to help you track and manage your artwork inventory.


Do you frequently lose track of artworks? Or misplace invoices and images on your computer? Actually: where is your computer?

We will review your current studio management system and determine how it can be improved, with your input of course. We will set up some smart but simple protocols and systems for the flow of artworks in and out of your studio as well as image and archive management on your computer (and on paper) so that you can easily keep track of everything in your studio. We will advise you on the best inventory management software to use and we will help you and your studio set it up. We will also design invoices and other templates for you and set up a system to easily file and store these documents.

Want to get organized?

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Read what this Katapult client had to say:

I recruited Annelien in April 2010 as a project manager to work on the development and initial implementation of a new inventory management system which we needed as a result of our rapid expansion. For this job I needed someone with experience of designing art-related databases because the system we required was complicated in that it needed to integrate data from a number of disciplines (sales, inventory management, finance, imaging). An added complication was the heritage data that needed to be transferred from our old records to the new system and the integration of the new system with our existing website. Annelien worked with me, our head of operations and our other team members to determine our requirements for the new system which she recorded in a mapping document. She communicated our requirements to our software developers and continued to liaise between us and the software developers until the beta version of the database was ready to be tested. I am pleased to say that our new inventory system functions very well which makes our lives much easier. I found Annelien to be highly professional in the management of this project and I and my team enjoyed working with her. I would happily recommend Annelien to any organization in need of a project manager to assist with developing and implementing IT systems.