We will help you to articulate your unique identity as an artist and to communicate it effectively through a well-written artist statement.


You know your work is better than Picasso's but does the rest of the world? Do you use 10 versions of your bio at any given time? Are your collectors confused about what medium you actually use?

We start by conducting an in-depth interview with you by phone or on Skype. Based on that interview, our research and the materials you have sent us, we will formulate your unique identity as an artist. We will write new or edit existing biographical materials. We will develop your brand fact sheet, in which we will incorporate all your career achievements: bio, artist's statement, exhibitions, press, collections you are in, relevant #hashtags for social media, and curator and collector testimonials. All written materials include one round of revisions.


Read what Katapult client Steve Wasterval had to say:

Working with Katapult is an experience every artist can benefit from. Working with Annelien Bruins, and having access to her experience and knowledge of the art world, helped me to develop my brand and identity as a visual artist. The branding and marketing projects she did for us included cataloguing my previous accomplishments and incorporating them into our marketing plan as well as curating my work for online exhibitions, advising me on the content and design of my website, helping me with my social media and giving advice on the pricing and promotion of my work. I would gladly recommend Katapult to artists who are interested in advice on marketing and promoting their artwork and developing their own brand. Steve Wasterval, Visual Artist and Creative Director at Worstofall Design, Brooklyn, NY.