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Art Marketing

Understand how to use social media, email and other promotional tools.

Artist Statement 101

We'll help you discover and articulate your unique, artistic identity.

Career Strategy

Where do you want to be in 10 years? We'll show you how to get there.

Website Review

Less is more. We'll give you practical tips on how to improve your site.

Curating & Pricing

Learn to be strategic in what works you show and how to price your art.

Negotiating 101

Not sure how to handle sales? We'll help you to be a better negotiator.

Studio Management

Make your studio more efficient with simple, effective strategies.

Topic of your Choice

If you have other concerns we can cover those too.

About Your Coach

Katapult Coaching For Artists was set up in 2012 by Annelien Bruins who has worked within the international art world for 20 years. She's also the CEO of Tang Art Advisory. With her marketing and entrepreneurial background, artists started asking Annelien for advice on how to manage their marketing and pricing strategy, how to write their artist statements and how to negotiate gallery contracts. She has lectured at Chashama in New York City and the California College of Arts in San Francisco.


Client Reviews


Chrissy Brimmage, Artist, Atlanta, GA

It was an absolute pleasure and honor to be able to work with Annelien. She's an expert in her field so she's able to offer keen advice to help you grow as an artist, but what really makes her special is her kindness and understanding. No matter what level you're at she treats you and your inquiries with the upmost respect and attention, and it's obvious that it's her best interest to see you grow. I would without a doubt recommend Annelien to anyone interested in taking their artistry to the next level.


Katie Murken, Artist, Pittsburgh, PA

After several years of wondering why I didn't have gallery representation and why my shows weren't leading to sales, I came to Annelien looking for guidance. During our first two consults she provided insights and suggestions tailored to my unique situation. Finally, I don't feel like the art world is a mystery to be solved! I'm learning new skills and I have more confidence in my ability to reach my goals. I will definitely continue to consult Annelien whenever I have questions about my career choices.


Aleya Lehmann, Artist, New York, NY

Annelien Bruins of Katapult is one of the most expert, thoughtful and caring consultants I have ever worked with. I have begun with an introductory consultation and plan to continue. Her intuitive assessment of my branding and marketing needs was absolutely right on. And her generosity and intelligence is unique in the field. Highly recommended!


I am delighted to see the new offering from Katapult of 30 Minute Intro Consults. My own experience in an introductory consult with Annelien was outstanding. This meeting allowed me to focus on immediate questions and concerns while creating a longterm timeline for larger goals. I highly recommend this service if you are adding up questions about your practice and the ongoing management of your career.


I had a coaching session last year with Annelien Bruins of Katapult Coaching. At that time, I was confused which direction my career was heading in. After speaking with Annelien, I realized I am much more a designer than an artist and that is where my passion lies. I think she is quite intuitive and was able to give me the advice I truly needed. Thank you!


Karen Tompkins, Artist, New York City

Katapult has been a game changer. For years my practice as an artist had been doing well, but lacked the momentum and strategic planning that Katapult helped me to establish. With their guidance, all aspects of my art business have been reevaluated, enhanced and expanded. It is remarkable how insightful and helpful this service is. I highly recommend their expertise and highly professional business acumen. Katapult should be on every artist's to do list!


Joyce Chen, Artist, Sydney, Australia

I live in Sydney, Australia and we just found Katapult online and just had a Skype consultation with Anna recently. We find Anna lovely, proactive, efficient and very switched on. I have also started to read her Ebook and would love to keep working with her in the future.


I hired Annelien Bruins of Katapult for an introductory consult by telephone. She advised me on how to focus the artistic direction that I am going in, how to price and curate my work and she helped me to start determining my identity, or brand, as an artist. She advised me on my website, social media and Linked In profile. I am extremely satisfied with her services. I was completely lost and she helped me to find my way. She took the time to listen to my concerns and asked me good questions and guided me in a deeper understanding of my practice. She helped me to see things in a different perspective. This will save me time at the end, and I felt a lot more confident. I would gladly recommend Annelien to artists who need strategic and practical advice on their art careers.


I highly recommend Annelien Bruins of Katapult. Her breadth, depth and insight of the current art market is proving to be most resourceful to me. At our initial consult, Anne provided me with the direction and resources I needed in making a sound decision regarding a collaboration that could have caused my art practice to be exploited. Her written response to our first consult was professional and is proving a realistic guide to re-emerging in the art world, and of negotiating contracts, consignments and commissions of my work. I plan to continue to work with Anna and her team as I further develop my brand and move into social media.


Evgenia Emets, Artist, Portugal

I am grateful to Annelien to have given me an opportunity to get a brief session with her. She produces an impression of highly experienced, professional. Great listener. I would love to come back for one-to-one sessions in the future!