Artist Coaching Package - Five Hour-Long Sessions

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Artist Coaching Package - Five Hour-Long Sessions

500.00 750.00

Did you like our introductory consult? Due to popular demand we now offer a coaching package of 5 hours, that you can schedule anytime you like.

You may have ongoing career concerns or just want to have someone to bounce ideas off of. Perhaps you need some help with a specific exhibition. We get it!

We offer the coaching sessions for $100 per hour instead of $150 per hour as you are paying upfront. That saves you $250!

Please make sure to read our terms & conditions.

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Read what Katapult client Alice Garik had to say:

I give complements to Annelien on her thoroughness in my introductory consultation. She listened to my concerns, reviewed my work and wrote a summary of our discussion. I am working with her clarity about my strengths and her thoughts on how I should proceed. Alice Garik, Artist, New York, NY.